Chiropractors Don’t Cure Anything!

Chiropractors Don’t Cure Anything!

You read that right! And no, I am not bad mouthing my profession. In fact I am stating one of the principles that make chiropractors different. Chiropractors allow people’s bodies to better heal themselves. To better express health. To better who you are.

The basis of chiropractic is that a misalignment in the spine causes nerves to function at less than 100%, and that causes the organs, tissues and cells at the end of those affected nerves to function less than 100%. This is called a vertebral subluxation. We can all agree that if a blood vessel was shut down, the tissue supplied by that vessel would suffer – It is the same with nerves. They need to function at their best in order for you to function at your best.

So when a patient comes in and talks about their symptoms, their diseases, or their conditions, we listen. We examine their area of complaint. We always examine their spine in an effort to locate vertebral subluxation. We test the function of nerves using infrared paraspinal thermography, dynamometers for strength and pin-wheels for sensation. If there is a subluxation we feel that you aren’t as healthy as you could be.

So whether you have digestive problems, asthma, psoriasis, whatever it may be… a subluxation is not helping your health. Am I saying that every person with a subluxation is sick, I would say that every sick person is subluxated.

Dr. Reggie Gold was one of the greatest chiropractors in the profession. This is an old video – but I think you can tell that by the hair, sideburns and tie – of Reggie talking about chiropractic, talking about the chemistry of life. An excellent presentation of what chiropractors do and how chiropractic works. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed hearing Dr. Gold speak in person.