Artificial Sweeteners Can Trigger Cancer

Dr. Mercola’s site published this great article yesterday. Anyone using artificial sweeteners needs to read this!

Artificial sweeteners are dangerous. It is causing cancer in mice, destroys your gut bacteria, it is poisonous to you nervous system, and raises insulin levels. And it makes your metabolism slow down, leading to extra weight gain. This great piece go over the risks of artificial sweeteners and also alternative, natural sweeteners and how to battle cravings for sweets.

Artificial Sweeteners Can Trigger Cancer

Story at-a-glance:

  • A significant increase in cancerous tumors was seen among male mice fed sucralose (Splenda)
  • The cancer risk increased along with the dose
  • The risk of leukemia in male mice also significantly increased, especially at higher doses

If you’ve added the artificial sweetener sucralose (brand name Splenda) to your diet because you think it’s a healthy alternative to sugar, you’re being dangerously misled. Research from the Ramazzini Institute has linked the popular sugar alternative to cancer, specifically leukemia.

The findings were first presented at a London cancer conference in 2012 and prompted The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) to downgrade Splenda from its “safe” category to one of “caution.”

Now that the study has been published in a peer-reviewed journal, CSPI has again downgraded Splenda, this time from “caution” to “avoid.”

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