Understanding Your Homocysteine Lab Test

Understanding Your Homocysteine Lab Test

If you asked to have your homocysteine level checked with the rest of your lab work, you were probably told it is “fine.” Don’t be so sure. You could be at risk for heart disease and not know it.  Let’s talk about what could possibly save your life.

Most lab results will indicate that a “normal” homocysteine level is anything less than 10.4; others indicate the “normal” range to be from 4.0 to 20!  Yikes!   The studies show that high levels of homocysteine is associated with atherosclerosis, heart disease, and stroke, as well as kidney disease.   Lower levels are associated with less risk of chronic disease.  What you’re told is “normal,” may be true.  However, since men and women “normally” die of heart disease, let’s work on having a HEALTHY HOMOCYSTEINE LEVEL.

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