Had a GREAT Weekend at the KCUCS Seminar

Since I was student, in my first quarter of chiropractic school, I have been attending meetings and classes run by a group called the Knee Chest Upper Cervical Specific – Of the KCUCS.

This weekend’s adjusting seminar was amazing! We learned from leaders and masters in the KCUCS on how to give that adjustment with “That extra something”. 

It was a great honor to be asked to do a Green Book Moment this weekend as well. For those of you who don’t know, the Green Books are a series of chiropractic philosophy books, mostly written by BJ Palmer – the developer of chiropractic. I spoke about following passage from Volume XVIII, The Subluxation Specific, The Adjustment Specific:

Dis-ease, as an effect, is an accumulation condition, growing over hours, days, weeks, months, or years. To GROW an effect, CAUSE MUST BE PERMANENT to permit time element to enter so it CAN grow. To have a vertebra out of alignment; one, two, oreven three directions (if such were possible) for a few minutes, would not be a PERMANENT condition. No vertebra IS SUBLUXATED UNLESS it is off normal position, THREE directions and REMAINS such.

We do have temporary misalignments of one direction and they do correct themselves internally. This occasionally may occur in lower cervical, dorsal, and lumbar vertebrae.

No one or two abnormal movements of vertebrae can “lock” themselves into a permanent abnormal position. THREE directions of abnormal position “lock” themselves out of position. It is this “locking” that makes a three direction misalignment into a three direction SUBLUXATION. It is “locking” which makes a TEMPORARY condition into a PERMANENT one. Permanency is what MAKES IT A SUBLUXATION. THREE direction subluxations are torqued into a LOCKED permanent position wherein nothing INTERNAL can “unlock” them. It takes an EXTERNAL force to “unlock” the three directioned-torqued subluxation.

The ONLY place in spinal column where we can have a THREE direction, torqued, “locked” permanent SUBLUXATION is in occipital, atlas, and axis combination relationship articulations. No other place in spinal column is it possible to have a THREE direction, torqued, “locked” PERMANENT misalignment.

Can I tell you what this all means in plain English? We know that health is a function of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), right? And that when there is a problem with the spine, we can a decrease in health. The big thing to learn here is that this problem needs to be there for a very long time! There is only one area in the spine that can do this: The upper cervical region.

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