“Paint’s Not Dry Yet…”

Healing requires time! Once your body is in a unhealthy state, it takes a while for the symptoms to become evident. The symptoms – Things like pain, weakness, even illnesses – are merely the problem coming to the surface. When a person begins chiropractic care, they might feel better in one to two visits; This is merely the symptoms going away, but the underlying problem is still there.

So listen to your doctor and follow the care plan that they have created specifically for you. This will speed up the time needed to correct problems and allow the body to maintain, and better adapt to future issues. Remember, you deserve to be healthy!

It’s not uncommon to feel ‘done’ after a few adjustments. When the innate recuperative abilities of your body kick in, you might look and feel remarkably new – like a fresh coat of paint. But like a fresh coat of paint, looks can be deceiving.

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