The Benefits of an Alkaline Diet: Does it Really Work?

Take a look at who was quoted in a recent Organic Authority article!

I had a great opportunity to work the author on an article about alkaline diets. I hope you’ll take a look and read the whole thing. It’s extremely informative and well written piece by Ms. Emily Monaco.

But other health professionals, like Dr. Jason Nardi, a chiropractor in the Raleigh metro area who specializes in nutritional and functional medicine, do use alkaline diets in their practices.

“In my practice we use a lot of functional diagnostic testing,” he says. “We look for signs that indicate systemic acidosis.” Systemic acidosis is acidity in the blood often caused by an underlying disease like kidney disease, diabetes or cancer. In Nardi’s opinion, this acidosis can be changed with diet.

“We regularly suggest patients greatly increase their fruit and vegetable intake – Organic is the key,” he says. “Pesticides are acid-forming, and should be avoided. For the meat-eaters that won’t cut back, we suggest going to grass-fed beef instead of conventionally grown beef.”

Source: The Benefits of an Alkaline Diet: Does it Really Work?

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