JAMM: Juneau, Alaska Music Matters: The Best Brain Training

Better music, better brain, better life

Heres just another reason why Glacier Valley Elementary School provides violin instruction for all of its kindergartners and 1st graders.  According to the August 2011 Scientific American article, “How to Build a Better Learner,” playing an instrument is “the best brain training” you can give children to help with “language comprehension and promote cognitive skills:  attention, working memory and self-regulation” Stix, p. 57.

Its gratifying to know that even though JAMM is a unique program among most public schools, it is firmly grounded in research recognized by the scientific community, dispelling the notion that music is an “extra” or just fluff.  Instead, music serves as a foundation for developing school readiness skills, social-emotional learning and working memory.

While attending a gathering of the 2011 Teachers of the Year in Princeton, I had the honor of hearing Richard Varn speak.  He is the Distinguished Presidential Appointee for Educational Testing Service ETS in the Center for Advanced Technologies and Neuroscience.  He shared new developments in neuroscience and reiterated the same message highlighted in the Scientific American article for helping children succeed in school and life:  put an instrument in a child’s hand and do it early.

Mr. Varn particularly referenced the work of Dr. Nina Kraus of Northwestern University.  Her work is referenced in the Scientific American article, “How to Build a Better Learner” and can be downloaded from her Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory website under the heading Music in the News.  Also, the slide show she has posted under Neural Encoding of Music summarizes some of her findings in a friendlier format.

Other experts are sharing similar insights.  Samuel Abrams, a national expert on why schools in Finland are so successful and scholar at Columbia University, had this to say when asked by a reporter for the Anchorage Daily News how he would improve Alaskan schools.  His first recommendation: “integrate more arts and crafts to make school more enticing, to give math and science more concrete meaning, and to foster greater collaboration among students.”

His second recommendation:  “integrate more physical education and more time between subjects for play.”  Here is the link to the entire article, Education expert offers views after visiting Alaska schools.

Thank you, Glacier Valley and the Juneau Community, for providing our students music – “the best brain training” – as a core part of their public education.  What would cost $3,150 per school year per child in private lessons is accessible to all students free of charge.

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