Do It Yourself Toothpaste!

Do It Yourself Toothpaste

DIF Toothpaste

The mouth and gums are the superhighway to EVERY system in your body. Everything that goes into your mouth stays in your body…even if not ingested. As well as absorbing oral bacteria, your gums absorb each and every chemical that is included as “ingredients” in our commercial toothpastes and mouthwashes.

Having a healthy mouth is a major key to assisting your body in maintaining overall health.

Many toothpaste ingredient lists read like a hardware stores’ glue isle – Benzoic acid, Dyes, Preservatives/Flavours, Artificial additives, Blue #1, Yellow #5, FD & C colourants, Saccharine, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is the same detergent compound found in hair shampoo and foaming wash products – would you ever consider just using detergent to wash your mouth out?

Deleting Sodium Lauryl Sulfate from your body is a great start to improving the workings of your body. The responsibility of knowing what is safe; what should or should not be soaking through our tissues is ours, and using the healthiest possible dental products available to you is one of the most effective ways of reducing chemical overload.

Why not try making your own toothpaste?
Using coconut oil as a mouth wash?
If you still find that you have a breath that is less than fresh, you may need to investigate your dietary intake, and address a possible issue with the health of the gut.

Borrowed from Growing Organic, Eating Organic. 

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