Tis the Season for Slips, Falls and Mishaps

Tis the Season for Slips, Falls and Mishaps

We see too many holiday related injuries that are preventable. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows slip and fall accidents have soared 66% since 2002. Falls account for over 8 million hospital emergency room visits, representing the leading cause of visits (21.3%). Leading to a variety of injuries from these types of accidents ranging from back and neck, to shoulder and wrist injuries.

Slip and Fall Injury

Simple tips to make your home safer this year:

  1. Clean up household spills quickly and thoroughly.
  2. Use absorbent welcome mat for guests: place them outside your door to help prevent slips during rainy or snowy weather.
  3. When setting up presents – bend from the knees, not from your waist. Even the lightest objects can cause an injury to your back when lifted improperly.
  4. When taking down the holiday decorations, make sure your ladder is steady and that you do not attempt this when home alone.

What to do if you do slip and fall this winter

Like most accidents, the most crucial time for action is right after they occur. Here are two helpful tips to make sure you recover quickly, and properly after a slip and fall injury.

  • Ask for help. All too often, victims of slip/trip and fall injuries just get up, brush themselves off, and walk away, even if they’re in considerable pain. Instead, you should stay where you are and ask for immediate assistance. If you’re sure you can stand up safely, do so very slowly.
  • Get chiropractic assistance. If you’ve ever been hurt in a fall, you know that it can sometimes take weeks for the full extent of the injuries to become apparent. That’s why it’s so important to get checked by a chiropractor immediately. A full examination conducted in the hours after your fall will help doctors assess the damage.

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