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A social and economic failure that will run out of money this month. It is a model of dependence – requiring people to buy prepaid healthcare – it creates a misconception 3rd parties have your health in their best interest; They only have profit in mind.

Take responsibility for your own health! Look for non-participating providers and pay out of pocket. Believe it or not, it may save you lots of money.

Our Fall Tune-Up Health Screening is a perfect example of where the insurance model it’s broken: The Fall Tune-Up is designed for early detection and prevention and priced to save over a thousand dollars when compared to the average insurance fee.

Please, don’t take this as a sales pitch! But, I want to show you all a cost comparison between usual and customary fees and those from a non-participating provider. Since our office in Johnston County, North Carolina, I am going to base the fees on what I know best and services we do often.

Service Insurance Non-Participating
New Patient Exam $230 $125
Established Patient Exam $153 $45
EKG w/ interpretation & report $82 $40
Therapeutic Ultrasound $35 $15*
Electric Stim $47 $15*
CBC w/ differential lab pane $44 $12
Cholesterol Lipid Panel $101 $20

*If we didn’t include it with the office visit of $45

Now I know what you’re going to say! “But Doc, these things add up. I have a $30 copay.” I hear you there! But take into account your deductible and monthly premiums – and they haven’t gone down, have they? In fact, here in North Carolina, Blue Cross/Blue Shield has jumped by 56.8% since 2015! For some of our patients, that’s a mortgage payment!There

My crystal ball is in the shop, but maybe this will all change with our next president. At least we call hope that in 2018 health coverage will either be more affordable, or at least not carry a penalty for not having it. In the meantime, lets all try to stay healthy, and catch problems before they happen. 

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