Blood-Brain Barrier, Leaky Gut & Autism

Alterations in both blood-brain barrier & intestinal permeability linked to autism

Just last week we posted a research article from Neuron discussing how omega-3 fatty acids help protect the blood-brain barrier. Dr. Nardi is familiar with Dr. Fasano and his work in the field of autoimmune disease and his theory on what is needed for autoimmunity to happen there has to be: 1) a genetic predisposition (remember, genes aren’t the trigger, they are the bullet), 2) permeability in a barrier 3) the barrier breakdown allows exposure to an antigen or a toxin.

Now Dr. Fasano’s is at it again expanding our knowledge of how the breakdown in both the blood-brain barrier and the intestines might be a major cause of autism.

“Although we are fairly certain that there is a genetic component, there are many pathways for an individual to arrive at autism’s final destination,” says Alessio Fasano, MD, director of the Center for Celiac Research and Treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)

The link has been casual in the past. With more and more research like this coming to light it is getting easier to see there is more than one cause, and that genetics are only a part of the problem. I hope you read the whole article. And more importantly, if you have loved ones that have a child with ASD/autism that you share this information. Urge them to find a doctor who knows what they are looking for, and how to help.

Source: Study finds alterations in both blood-brain barrier and intestinal permeability in individuals with autism – Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

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