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I wanted to share a great article by Cora Rivard, a Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.) at Seasons Natural Healthcare, LLC, in Derry, NH. This great article about Vitamin D goes over some of the need-to-know information concerning this vital nutrient.

The main points Dr. Rivard covers in detail are:

  1. vitamin D deficiency can cause many issues besides problems with bone density, muscle, and development. Inappropriate dosing during pregnancy or for the breastfeeding infant can be particularly damaging.
  2. Vitamin D levels are not assessed often enough as part of a diagnostic tool.
  3. The values from test results are often misinterpreted because the range is too wide; it does not reflect optimal levels for healthy individuals
  4. Many people don’t take enough, or take too much vitamin D.
  5. Many people supplement it at the wrong time!

Read the rest of Misconceptions About Vitamin D at The Mommy Illuminati

Dr. Rivard and I share a lot of the same passions when it comes to health – I am hoping we can share more from The Mommy Illuminati and Dr. Rivard in the future!

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