Genetic Roulette Movie Trailer

Recently the full-length feature was on Alaskan PBS. What is the cost of GMO food on our society, our pets, our ecosystem and the future of our health? Film maker Jeffery Smith exposes the truth in his documentary Genetic Roulette.

“It made me cry,” was the comment I heard today.

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    Ok – So I just watched the whole movie, and I have to say that everyone needs to know what has happened to our food supply!

    It is amazing to think that we have introduced organisms into the ecosystem that we eat, our life stock eats. Food that has none of the nutrition comparable non-GMO varieties had before 1996. These Frankenfoods affect our immune system,which can’t figure out where this new, non-evolutionary DNA is coming from. This is causing a rampant inflammation, and inflammation causes a huge spectrum of human diseases from gastrointestinal issues, heart attack, autism, cancers and infertility.

    At all cost avoid corn – and high fructose corn syrup, soybean products, cotton and canola oils – Unless they are organic, non-GMO.

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