A Great Write-Up About a Friend of Mine Who’s Doing Some Good Work

Greenburgh Forms Disability Committee | The Examiner News

Angela grew up down the street from me. I’ve been lucky to know her and her family through the years. Angela has lived her whole life with a disability, but you wouldn’t know if you look at all she’s achieved. And now she’s bringing her drive, compassion and spirit to The Town of Greenburg, NY to make some positive changes.

Here’s an introduction to one of many recent articles about her and her new project.

The Town of Greenburgh has given a voice to Greenburgh’s disabled population.

On Wednesday, the town formed the Disabled Advisory Committee at its town board meeting. The committee is led by 29-year old Hartsdale resident Angela Raso, after she sent an email to Supervisor Paul Feiner.

Raso was born with a heart condition and is confined to a wheelchair. Last year she got her drivers license for the first time, as she wanted to be independent.

“This year when I began driving, there were a lot of obstacles that I came across trying to get to certain places,” Raso said.

via Greenburgh Forms Disability Committee | The Examiner News.

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