There is Hope for Arthritis Sufferers!

Spinal Alignment and Joint Pain

A lot of people are affected by arthritis. Arthritis basically means “joint pain” and has many different causes and classifications.

Inflammatory – the membrane of the joint becomes irritated

Attachment Arthritis – frequently in the heels and lower back, the ligament or tendon fastened to the bone becomes irritated

Crystal Arthritis – the big toe has deposits of microscopic crystals of sodium urate

Joint Infection – bacteria contaminate the fluid inside the joint, usually found in the hip, shoulder and knee

Cartilage Degeneration – usually found in the knees, neck, lower back, hips and fingers, this type of arthritis arises when the cartilage of the joint breaks down

Muscle Inflammation – muscle tissue becomes inflamed

Local Conditions – a local injury causes pain, such as tennis elbow

General Conditions – a condition characterized by generalized muscle pain and sleep disturbance.

The areas commonly affected are the hands, hip, neck, shoulder and spine.

Exercise Your Arthritis Away!

Subjects with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis who participated in aerobic conditioning exercise showed significant improvement over control subjects who participated in only range of motion exercises.
– Arthritis & Rheumatism, 1984


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