Healthy Pregnancy Following Chiropractic Care in Ovarian Cancer Patient After 2 Years of Infertility: A Case Report

I am lucky enough to call Dr. Erika Wolcott a friend, as well as a colleague. I was also lucky to work with her on projects while students together, and saw her love and passion for women’s health and chiropractic first hand.

She has recently published a paper on the fertility and chiropractic. Here is a summary of the patient’s case and history:

A 28 year old woman with a two year history of infertility
following ovarian cancer and subsequent laparoscopy.  Patient presented to office seeking improvements to overall health in order to increase chances of fertility.  Patient had previously sought conventional medical treatments for infertility including Clomid and Perganol – both proved to be unsuccessful.  At the time of physical exam patient had a chief complaint of low back pain and infertility.

The patient was able to conceive after 14 office visits! It is amazing how removing a little interference in the nervous system can facilitate something as large as a life!

Read more about Dr. Wolcott’s paper at the link below:

via Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health.

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