Flu Season!

Flu Season!

Flu season is here again. And recently being Florida I noticed every pharmacy, they are on almost every corner here, is providing flu vaccines everyday, all day. I know my 85 year old grandfather had one recently, and it made him pretty sick.

Then I read this article this morning (Interesting note at the end, by the way). I for to thinking that there is another outbreak of a bad strain coming our way.

China bird flu victim dies in Shenzhen city

The 39-year-old bus driver was admitted to hospital with pneumonia but tested positive for the bird flu virus.

The H5N1 bird flu strain has a high level of mortality, killing up to 60% of humans infected with it.

Positive tests on a dead market chicken last week prompted nearby Hong Kong’s government to issue an alert.

via BBC News – China bird flu victim dies in Shenzhen city.

Now when I looked up Flu Facts on Google, I found this interesting article. The discussion was on the Spanish Flu of 1918 and the recent “pandemics” of flu outbreaks. And it made me think how many patients this year will forgo a shot after reading this.

Lessons from the 1918 Spanish flu

One of the most interesting and most important lessons from the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic has sadly still not been learned. This is the fact that during the 1918 flu epidemic, various forms of alternative healthcare achieved much higher success rates than medical science.

During that epidemic, patients treated by convention allopathic or chemical-based medicine had a mortality rate of between 30 percent and 40 percent. In the case of one hospital in New York, the mortality rate was as high as 68 percent.

In sharp contrast, patients treated with osteopathy and chiropractic experienced a mortality rate of less than 0.25 percent! This is all the more surprising considering the fact that both osteopathy and chiropractic are forms of manipulation therapy, more commonly applied to treat body aches and pains, rather than infectious diseases.

Homeopathic medicine for Spanish flu victims was also highly successful, with only about 1 percent mortality.

Despite the glaring contrast in success rates chemical-based medicine and more natural forms of healthcaree, chemical-based medicine has been so so effective in its public relations campaign that it remains the medicine of choice for almost everybody.

Do we need another failure of chemical-based medicine in the current swine flu outbreak before more people wake up to its ineffectiveness and its dangers?

via 1918 Spanish flu was a major disaster for chemical-based medicine, but a triumph for alternative treatments like homeopathic medicine, osteopathy and chiropractic..

Go get adjusted and stay healthy this season!

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  1. This is not only fascinating, it’s “need to know” information! It seems we are constantly being barraged with more & more chemical options & just as often offered class action law suits as an afterthought. We need more voices like yours guiding us into better choices, not bigger drugs. Thank you Dr.Nardi & keep the good word going!

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