Treating Scoliosis Without Surgery

Treating Scoliosis Without Surgery

Taken from Dr. Mercola’s website:

In serving as a conduit to help you locate safer, non-invasive and cheaper solutions to tough health problems, I’d like to point you toward the Clear Institute Web site run by Dennis Woggan, D.C., that provides a great deal of information about gentler treatments for scoliosis.

Dr. Woggan argues that without correction of the cervical and lumbar lordosis, correction of scoliosis is not possible, which is why the conventional medical solutions such as bracing and surgery fail, as they do not address the cause of the problem.

via Treating Scoliosis Without Surgery.

There is a number of case studies within the research journals concerning adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS). Most of the research calls to our attention two things:

  1. There is no known reason for AIS.
  2. Chiropractic adjustments shows some evidence in helping.

In fact, in one published study, a 9-year-old boy under upper-cervical chiropractic care saw an 80% reduction in the curve in his spine. This took 13 visits over five months. And the child only needed five adjustments during that time. The boy came in with a curve of 17° in his midback and 12.5° curve in his low back. After care these were reduced to 0.7° in his mid-back and 3.1° in his low back.

Eriksen K. Correction of juvenile idiopathic scoliosis after primary upper cervical care: A case study. Chiropr res J, 1996; 3(3): 25-33.

Read the article here.

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